22. Uber Out of the Apocalypse

The Limitless Hiatus is over. We're back with a new, (hopefully) more focused offering. Charles and I realized that with our current work/personal schedules, coupled with the ambition of doing a weekly current events-focused episodes, that we needed to rethink how we approach the show. This is the first step, and I think it does a decent job of staying on target.

We talk a lot about The Division this week. How we feel about the game, what it's missing, and even what our own knee-jerk reaction to the apocalypse would be, should something terrible happen.

Here are some helpful supplementary links for this episode:

  • APStylebook's tweet about lowercasing the Internet.
  • The Division's awesome and beautiful outbreak simulator.
  • The 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer. Go see this movie.

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