21. Happy Max

It didn't even take us a month to completely obliterate our resolution to get back on a consistent recording schedule. Mostly because resolutions are bullshit and being an adult can be hard sometimes. Regardless, Charles and I were able to snag some time in front of our mics and record an episode we ultimately really enjoy.

I dive a little bit into some behind-the-scenes #NoOctothorpe stuff. If you're curious why I've been posting less and less on the site, this will give you a glimpse into what's been happening. We also talk about the very related subject of "imposter syndrome."

Other things that make an appearance on this episode: Mad Max: Fury Road; Charles' cat, Ted; drone racing (and also eagles who are being trained to take drones down). And we also discuss some cool stuff.

Supplementary links:

Charles' cool thing this week (aside from his new TV): The Propaganda Game

My cool things this week: this video of the NSA director being smart and awesome. Also the new iOS game, Twofold Inc. Seriously, it's $4. Go buy it right now.

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