19. Let's Call Him "Flappy"

Thank God, the holidays are over (the word of the week is "curmudgeon"). We're (hopefully) set to get our shit back on track with a more consistent schedule.

This week, we dive in and discuss a variety of topics, including: becoming old fuddy-duddies (as Charles says) and getting left behind by technology; Keenan switching back to Spotify; free Wi-Fi in NYC, and the possible privacy issues stemming from that; and swearing as a sign of intelligence.

You better believe we've got some links for you. Take a gander:

  • Music video for "I Won't Let You Down" by OK Go.
  • Trailer for Spring, a horror film with some interesting drone camerawork.
  • New York City's free Wi-Fi.
  • My post about voter registration details being leaked.
  • The study on swearing, as well as an article that summarizes it (for those of you who don't want to pay to read a scientific study, but please, dear God, make sure you have your content blockers enabled for that site).
  • BADLAND 2. Seriously. $5. Buy this game. It's a steal.

Since I decided to switch back to Spotify, we thought it'd be a great idea to add a few extra ways to get your Limitless Adventure infusion. We've started a collaborative playlist. Go ahead and give it a follow. The plan is to make it a living list that reflects the music which enraptures us at the moment. It should change frequently.

Also you can follow Charles or myself on Spotify if you'd like to dig in and see the other shit we listen to.

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John Madden.