20. Electric Granny

Between me getting sick and Charles being overworked, we felt a little scatterbrained this week. We managed to make something interesting out of a meandering discussion, which included diving into some rumors about the iPhone 7 and Microsoft.

We also discussed our favorite David Bowie tracks and added them to our fantastic new Spotify playlist that you should totally be following.

There's some ranting on how much of a disaster CES is, and autonomous automobiles make an appearance. In general, you should expect some general silliness strewn about.

A smattering of show notes for you, dear listener:

  • Charles' favorite image ever.
  • My piece commenting on this Quartz article about Spotify's Discovery Weekly playlist.
  • MacRumors article on the iPhone 7 ditching the headphone jack.
  • A mighty fine CES video.
  • Articles about GM and Ford investing in autonomous vehicles.
  • Dustin Curtis' post on experiencing an autonomous Tesla. Also, Elon Musk's Twitter prediction about Tesla's own autonomous plans.
  • Fautrier paintings.

My cool thing for this week: "The Commander Thinks Aloud" by The Long Winters [Spotify | Apple Music] (yes, this is also on the Limitless Adventure playlist). Listen to the track at least once, and then give this episode of Song Exploder a listen and have your mind blown.

Charles' cool thing for this week: the Freakonomics episode, "The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap. "

Limitless Adventure theme by James T. Green.

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