10. Keenan Can't Math

This week's episode brought to you by Charles' sick tummy.

(Disclaimer: For whatever reason, Charles' audio track experiences some hiccups throughout. It's not terrible, but it's noticeable. We regret this and will try to figure out what caused it.)

Sorry for the late episode this week. Scheduling issues caused a couple delays, and we even had to cut this one a bit shorter than usual so Charles wouldn't puke all over his brand new computer.

We begin with some vomit nostalgia (literally). A glimpse into the early days of our friendship. Then I take a little time to expel some pent up energy and anxiety I had after writing my most recent piece, Solitude in Solidarity. So I decided to go all director's commentary on it and vent.

Also I butcher Samantha Bielefeld's last name. Sorry, Samantha.

We also talk about Ahmed Mohamed and his clock, and how much of an asshat Richard Dawkins is. Then we talk about the new Apple Store in Brussels.

Light on topics, deep on discussion. Enjoy.

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