3.5. X-Pipe

After signficant issues syncing schedules, and some horribly botched audio, we are back with a longer, more loveable Limitless Adventure.

We kick it off with a discussion about the Berenstain Bears and the alterverse in which we are living, before getting into a heated discussion about net neutrality.

Other talking points include: T-Mobile's interesting tactics and success; Apple as an MVNO, and their market share slippage in China; Windows 10 and how Microsoft builds better iOS apps than Apple.

It's only been three episodes, but we think this is the best one yet. We're very excited for you to give it a listen. Please do us a favor and help us by sharing it around, give us a review on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter.

Also: in case you're curious, this is the article that kicked off the Berenstain Bears discussion.