18. Paranormal Activity Charles

We're back, and very, very pleased with how this episode turned out. We kick things off with some talk on déjà vu, which then tumbles into dreams, which then progresses to sleepwalking, until we find ourselves back in déjà vu. It's almost as though it was planned.

We also talk about professional douchebag, Martin Shkreli, and his arrest, as well as old dudes bemoaning Millennials, like that isn't a huge fucking cliché or anything. Lots of French words here.

Here's a few notable links to things we reference throughout the show:

Then we discuss our favorite things of 2015, as is customary for nerds to do at the end of the year. The full list is as follows:

Favorite album:

Keenan: Are You Satisfied? - Slaves | Spotify | Apple Music

Charles: DEATH MAGIC - Health | Spotify | Apple Music

Favorite song:

Keenan: "Control" - Halsey | Spotify | Apple Music

Charles: "Paris" - Lizzo | Spotify | Apple Music

Favorite game:

Keenan: Bloodborne

Charles: Star Wars Battlefront

Favorite show:

Keenan: Daredevil

Charles: Chef's Table

Favorite movie:

Keenan: Spotlight

Charles: The Danish Girl

Favorite podcast:

Keenan: Reconcilable Differences

Charles: Planet Money

Favorite gadget:

Keenan: iPhone 6s Plus

Charles: iPhone 6s

Favorite service:

Keenan: HBO Now (kinda)

Charles: YouTube

Favorite app:

Keenan: You Must Build a Boat

Charles: Tweetbot

Honorary mention: Point

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