Bonus: Full Interview with John Stark

After the great reception from our previous episode–especially to the featured interview–we decided that the entire conversation Charles had with his dad, John, was just too good not to publish in its entirety.

So here you go, the first bonus episode of Limitless Adventure: a raw and unedited interview that covers the gamut of providing insight into working for the CIA, advanced interrogation techniques, Donald Trump, social media, and all of the great stuff that made it into the edited interview. Now with additional context!

Due to the nature of Skype recordings, the audio does fail to maintain its fidelity multiple times. We regret this and apologize for any inconvenience. We live in the future, but not too far into it just yet.

Keep an eye out for the next real episode of Limitless Adventure, available soon. We promise after the holidays we'll get significantly better about maintaining some consistency.