14. Connoisseur of Voices

Fun episode this week that begin with a discussion about accents and dialects, and concludes with a discussion about REI. Stuff in between includes: Charles' thoughts on the new Demi Lovato album, as well as his experience with the new flagship Microsoft store in NYC; Apple News; feelings about Google's podcast announcement; some smaller podcasts we've been listening to; and Netflix's new global branding.

I also manage to forget a lot of things, like names (sorry, Alex), the word "diphthong," and my friend, Brandi's, job title. I've been sick all week, so my brain is struggling to catch up.

Here's some links you might like to have for future reference:

  • The Boston fish guy video.
  • The Catching Fire scene Charles refers to.
  • Gretel's overview of their new global branding approach for Netflix.
  • My thoughts on Netflix's branding.
  • REI's Thanksgiving and Black Friday announcement.

We also mentioned a few smaller podcasts we were listening to this week. I brought up Entropy and Bite Size Tech. Charles is listening to Grammar Girl and The Urbanist. Subscribe to all of those.

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