11. The Pump Lobby

Considering the short episode last week, and our inability to stick to a consistent schedule for the last couple episodes, we decided to go for a longer show this week. This episode is fueled by a healthy amount of beer, so things get kinda punchy toward the end. Two things to keep in mind about mixing alcohol and Limitless Adventure:

  1. I can get very riled up about things when I drink.
  2. "Tweetbot" becomes an increasingly difficult word to pronounce.

The heart of this episode is rooted in a discussion on content blocking (anyone else talk about this stuff yet?) that, true to our form, devolves into a much larger, meandering conversation. We also talk about Edward Snowden on Twitter; Apple Watch bands; El Capitan's effect on our Retina MacBook Pros; Tweetbot 4 and app pricing in general; Tesla and VW; Destiny; and the Extra Life gaming marathon.

We had a lot of fun with this one.

Handy links to help you through the show:

And I want to make a special call out to the Extra Life marathon. Extra Life is a charity that donates money to children's hospitals to help sick kids. Money is raised by people who end up participating in a 24-hour gaming marathon. This year's event takes place on November 7th.

We created a team that includes me, Charles, and then my wife, Gia, and our roommate, Fletcher. We would be so grateful if you could find some spare dollars to throw our way. Our team is raising money for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. It's a great cause, and the event is always a ton of fun. We'll even try to find creative ways to incorporate #NoOctothorpe and Limitless Adventure as part of the festivities.

To donate to us, please visit our fundraising page. Any amount will help us reach our goal of $1,500. Though, I'd love to exceed that goal by a good margin.

Alright, now that this post is almost as long as the episode... Don't forget to subscribe to the show on your preferred podcast client. Review us on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter and we can talk about stuff.