Accidental Podcast Podcast

While preoccupied with not writing for the site, I've put a large amount of focus on other areas of my life. One area in which I was not putting any effort was creating another podcast. So, naturally, I'm announcing today that, whoops, I created another podcast. It's called Accidental Podcast Podcast, and it stars Klein Maetschke opposite yours truly.

While the name is part earnest descriptor of a podcast that was conjured out of pure happenstance, part playful wink and a nod, this is not another tech show. Not in the slightest. It's a candid, exploratory conversation between two relative strangers. I consider it far closer to something like Reconcilable Differences or, ahem, Sextless Marriage. Though, to be fair, there's far more sexting going on between me and Klein than me and my wife.

If you're not yet tired of hearing my voice, or long for something different than the endless Apple discussions happening on other shows, I'd encourage you to give this a shot. Who knows? Metaphors that equate making lasting friendships to digging through dinosaur shit might just turn out to be your thing.