CurrentC Rollout Postponed

MCX is having a bad time with its CurrentC rollout. Where by "having a bad time" means "finally coming to terms with what everyone else predicated all along and succumbing to the grim realization that their platform is a deeply flawed abomination that must be eradicated by any means necessary."

I wrote a little bit about CurrentC last year, when it was relevant for a hot second. From a short piece back in August (added emphasis):

Placing arbitrary barriers in front of your customers is not a good idea, especially when the alternative is a grossly less secure, less private disaster that looks like it's going to die before it even arrives. CurrentC is going to crash and burn. No question.

Not trying to gloat. I have no intention to draw parallels between myself and Nostradamus. No, I'd consider myself much more akin to Nostradamus' prophetically inept, far less cited half-brother, Brett. Brettstradamus. He who accurately predicted that that exposed nail sticking out of the floorboard... Yeah, that one. The rusty one. Yeah. That. Like if you step on that, man, that'll fucking hurt and there's a decent chance you get tetanus. No joke. Watch your foot, bro. You don't want that shit, 'cause how will you kick a stupid company while its down with your tetanus foot?