'Making a Murderer' Valentine's Day Cards

Have you, like many millions of Netflix viewers, been enraptured by the documentary detailing a great travesty perpetuated by the American justice system? Do you now consider yourself an aficionado of the underground movement known as StrangCore? Do you also appreciate good humor, supporting independent artists and important charitable organizations?

If you answered yes to one (or all) of these questions, I would kindly direct your attention to one of my favorite things right now: Making A Murderer Valentine's Day Cards. My friend, Nick Lacke, created these, and the finished product does not disappoint in the slightest. They're fantastic.

From the listing:

For $5, you'll get a set of five Valentines that can either be shared easily online or can be printed, cut, and given to friends, family, loved ones, lawyers, etc.

ALSO, 50% of the proceeds of these sales will go to the Midwest Innocence Project, which deals with cases like Steven Avery's and tries to prevent innocent people from being locked away in jail.

$5? A steal (for which you won't be indicted). It'd be a crime not to take advantage.