John Legere to EFF: 'Who the Fuck Are You?'

John Legere has been responding to critics of T-Mobile's "Binge On" program today, trying to quell fears that what T-Mobile is doing with regards to streaming video quality isn't throttling or undermining net neutrality in any way.

I've been iffy on T-Mobile lately, mostly since the "Music Freedom" program began. I've written about it here on the site, and discussed with Charles on Limitless Adventure. It's becoming more and more apparent that my concerns are legitimate.

Then there's John Legere's video response to the EFF:

This is troublesome. I want to like John Legere and T-Mobile. I look up to a person whose company wants to break a shitty cycle of consumer hostility. However, disregarding net neutrality rules, painting a program that has become increasingly nebulous as a victory for consumers, and then displaying willful ignorance about a major proponent of Internet freedom?

This feels like Legere's jump-the-shark moment.