Oculus Rift Available for Pre-Order

$599. Pricey. Comes with a few extras, such as an Xbox One controller and a couple games. Neat. (Any chance we could see a "naked" version in the future, for those of us who already have a controller and maybe don't need the games? Hopefully.)

But considering the steep system requirements (a GTX 970 is minimum), unless you've recently purchased or built a top-of-the-line machine, you'll probably need to augment your setup. So that already pretty steep $599 price tag is about to inflate even more, and in a considerable way if you want the most fluid experience possible. A GTX 980 will set you back another $600 or so, a 980 Ti tacks on another $100 (either way, Nvidia is excited about this product). Or you could just purchase an "Oculus-ready PC" from the site, starting as low as a grand.

Tickets for the VR train ain't cheap.

I think I'll wait. Still haven't even tried the damn thing.