'Encryption is Foundational to the Future'

NSA director Michael S. Rogers, speaking at an event hosted by the Atlantic Council (link to video starts around his answer):

So we've got to come up with a solution that... that is built around the idea that this Internet of things, and the broad ideas that it represents, are something foundational to our future. It's a little bit like encryption to me–hey, encryption is foundational to the future.

Surprising, considering the source. It's encouraging to hear the director of the NSA take a rational, informed stance on this subject, and not be afraid to voice it despite the anti-encryption (and ultimately anti-privacy) agenda that other notable government players have wasted a significant amount of time espousing.

Rogers couldn't be more right. It's not realistic to expect people to give up a way of life to which they've become accustomed. And trying to stymie progress because the digital reality has rendered old policing tactics obsolete is short-sighted and potentially far more damaging than what they're trying to stop in the first place. We should absolutely be pursuing new technologies, continuing to provide privacy for our citizens, and focusing on adapting to a changing landscape. Actively stifling rights under the guise of ensuring a modicum of safety is disingenuous and dangerous. It's not in the best interest of society.