Playing as a woman in Metal Gear Solid V

Brianna Wu, writing for Polygon about Metal Gear Solid V's feature that allows you to experience most of the game as characters that are not Snake, one of whom is a woman:

FemSnake is a design compromise to allow female players to play as a woman. And make no mistake, including her was a feature that took quite a bit of development resources from the Metal Gear team. They had to alter the game’s armor implementation to work with her different body proportions. They had to bring in a voice actress. They had to code scenes so Sutherland’s line reads would appear as captions and not voiceover in many scenes. What they did to make this happen across so much content was neither quick nor easy. Someone cared about this feature.

When it comes to equality for its characters, Metal Gear has a shaky history, and MGS V is no exception. With that in mind, it is really nice to see that players truly are given an option about who they would like to play. The developers didn't have to devote the time and resources to making this a reality, but they went out of their way to do so. I think it's great that they did.

Kojima's team deserves the praise and commendation they are receiving for creating a defining moment in gaming history. The attention to detail in this game is incredible. The mechanics are beyond solid. The courage to create something so far outside of the boundaries of the previous entries is a risk that paid off in a big way. Then you consider all of the work they spent polishing the experience that leads to features like this. That's love. That's care. That's taking absolute pride in what you do.