'Design Against Humanity: The Creative Team Behind the Blockbuster Game'

An absolutely fantastic article on HOW, about the design team at Cards Against Humanity. It heavily features a friend of mine, Amy Schwartz, who is the Creative Director for CAH, as well as a killer designer. It's so great to see her get this sort of recognition.

What's so fascinating to me about Cards Against Humanity is how they've found creative ways to break out of the inherent mold they built themselves into by relying so heavily on the "Swiss design dungeon," as CEO, Max Temkin, refers to it. The cards speak for themselves, but the company branches out beyond the monochromatic visuals with side-projects and scholarships, creative reimagining of their brand at conventions, and by launching brand new companies. A group of people who make a game like this are dripping with creativity, and the design work they do outside of the core product lets that personality shine in more ways than what was possible before.