The Huffington Post: Apple's 'Upgrade Program' could be a trap

Damon Beres, giving some sage advice regarding Apple's iPhone upgrade program (emphasis mine):

Listen: Apple makes good phones, and it's far from the only technology corporation looking to maximize profits in the telecom industry. You could do far worse than buying an iPhone.

But you want to be behind as few locked doors as possible. It's bad enough that so many of us opt into the concrete shoes of wireless service contracts. Now we want to sign our cash away to device-makers on a monthly basis? If you can afford to purchase an iPhone outright from Apple or at a discount from your carrier, that's probably the way to go. If not, consider an alternative.

Make your own choices, but do so wisely.

A very thought-provoking article that is well-researched and finally provides the clarity we all need when choosing whether or not to get roped into Apple's nefarios schemes for locking in an unwitting customer base indefinitely.

I can't think of anything he misses here. Well, except for the disclosure statement that The Huffington Post is owned by Verizon.