William Fairaday on Apple's upcoming event

William Fairaday, dabbling in some healthy speculation on his Tumblr:

They began physically prepping the space for this event almost a month beforehand. I can recall SFPD standing guard for at least a week or two before the invitations went out. Whatever they’re building in there, it’s going to be very, very big. Since the event is a media invite-only event, there’s no need to cram in 7000 people (unless they’re inviting all of Corp-ertino (see what I did there?) to the event, which is highly unlikely. They need the space for demoing something, and my guess is that it’s something BIG, multiple things requiring square footage, or they want to show something off that will require multiple setups.

We all know that they’re updating iPhones. Everyone knows that. Apple knows everyone knows. Everyone knows Apple knows everyone knows. So, launching a refresh of a device that had it’s big event a year ago… Yeah. Big deal.

A new iPhone doesn't warrant a 6,000 seat auditorium, especially not for the iterative S cycle. Since the news broke, something hadn't been sitting right with me on this choice of venue. I'm very curious about what Apple plans to show off on the 9th. Sure, we'll all know what's going on a week from now, but significant alterations to their pattern makes the last minute speculation especially fun.

I'm not quite sure I'm ready to go as far as Fairaday. I don't think Apple's ready to show off a completely Siri-embedded household. But, you know, you set up TVs and give people some motion controls... They're gonna need some space to move around.