Riot moving League of Legends NA servers to Chicago

Riot Ahab, shedding some light on their selection of Chicago as the new home for all of their NA servers:

But geography isn't the only reason for this switch, else we might have ended up in Wichita or Denver. The truth is that in the complicated world of internet architecture, Portland is less directly connected to the rest of North America than we’d like. Chicago, on the other hand, happens to be one of the best connected cities in the entire world, let alone in North America. With more bandwidth running through it, more fiber running through it, and more data center space than any other North American city, plus a central location and role as a major exchange between the US and Canada, Chicago is simply the premier place to provide the best overall service for the far-flung NA player base.

Actually interesting information that I didn't realize, but in hindsight seems so completely obvious. Makes sense that Chicago acts as kind of the hub for connectivity in the U.S.

Also makes me wonder if that's the reason that it's such a hotbed of influential tech startup activity.

Anyhow, I just hope this means my ping will consistently drop down below the 60-80ms range.