Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to fans: 'Fuck you.'

Ben Kuchera, writing about yet another incident where a publisher is going to extreme lengths to test the patience of its customers:

So you have a system where you have to choose what content you get at each level and, as more people preorder, more levels are unlocked. There's not a single purchasing decision to be made here so much as there are a series of decisions where you have to figure out what you want versus what you're wiling to leave behind as more and more people sign up. At each step you're not getting something as much as you feel like you're turning something down. It's a constant reminder of what you don't get, and that's kind of gross.

There is a way to bypass all this, but you need to be willing to pay $150 for the ultimate bundle of everything-ness.

"Gross" is the best way I can think of describing this. There's gotta be a breaking point, right? When will people get fed up and say, "Fuck you," right back at these companies?

Deus Ex has gone from a game I was actively excited for to a game I'm not even sure I want to buy.