The Console Video Game Landscape in Mid-2015

Matt Birchler, writing at Birchtree:

Sony’s had a pretty good time of it over the past 2 years. When you take a look at their impressive first party showing this June at E3 along with the exclusive content deals they’re making with games like Destiny and Call of Duty, they seem to really be running away with this generation.

This doesn't necessarily spell doom and gloom for Microsoft. He continues:

The good news is that even though they’re losing to Sony, they have sold 13.1 million units since launch (+58% compared to 8.3 million at this point in the Xbox 360’s lifetime). While Microsoft may be losing the “console war” as we’ve traditionally seen it, they’re doing just fine on their own terms.

Seems like Sony's momentum isn't letting up. Microsoft sees glimmers of hope every once in awhile, but as Birchler points out in a Tweet, Microsoft stumbled out of the gate with pricing. I think that gave Sony that headstart to grab the early adopters. I can only imagine that once they established that key group, word of mouth played a big part in getting people to follow suit. No one wants to be the only person in their group of friends with an Xbox One (like me), unable to party with their friends online.

Whomp whomp.