'Hey, Siri, give us a hint'

September 9th is confirmed for Apple's next big event. The invites are out (with the very curious grammatical error omitting a comma between the words, "Hey," and, "Siri." The pedantic asshole in me can't let it slide, so the headline reflects what I think it should say).

I think we all have a pretty good idea of what to expect at this point. New phone. iOS 9. Apple TV. So why is this event being held at a venue that's significantly larger than the venues they've used previously?

My bet: so Tim has enough space to crash through the windows, shirtless, in his new Apple Car while U2, The Foo Fighters, and Coldplay back up their tour buses onto the balconies and everyone just gets lit on ecstasy while the bands form a supergroup and have a three day long concert/orgy.

Does "lit on ecstasty" even make sense? Is that what the kids would say?

I don't know drugs.