'​BlackBerry's Android-powered slider phone gets shown in motion'

Plucky young startup, BlackBerry, is developing an Android phone, and, if rumors are to be believed, it'll launch alongside a device that also runs their own operating system. Ambitious.

The real story here is that BlackBerry wants to shake up the phone market by giving people an alternative to the software based touch keyboards we've been using for so long. They've hidden a keyboard underneath the screen and you can slide the screen up to reveal it. An actual tactile keyboard right on the phone.

This is an innovation only a new player in the industry could come up with. The type of invention that makes companies. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to solve a problem no one knew they had. I can only imagine BlackBerry will hold onto this for... Oh, I don't know, maybe ten years or something while the rest of the phone market shoots off in a completely different direction, leaving this new Canadian company to bask in its own sort of twisted reality where it dominates the mobile landscape.

Keep an eye on these guys. They're gonna be huge.