GameStop survey: 92% of our customers should give us more ways to make money off of them

Tamoor Hussain, writing for GameSpot (not to be confused with GameStop) about a recent GameStop (not to be confused with GameSpot) survey:

The results of a survey conducted by retailer GameStop have claimed a significant number of players hold on to games they don't play.

The study, released this week, states "approximately two in five gamers are leaving upwards of $200 unclaimed by holding on to unused games."


According to the results "92 percent of those surveyed owns at least one video game disc her or she no longer plays."

In other words, "We polled our customers to see if they were sitting on a cash cow for us, and it turns out they are, so now we're going to bombard them with numerous dollar amounts and try to convince more people to trade in their old games which we can resell at a huge markup."

To be fair, I seldom go back to old games, and I frequently trade those in toward new ones. I know I'm getting taken advantage of, and I've come to terms with it. GameStop's press release, though, makes it sound like gamers are sitting on a gold mine, and that they're irresponsible and stupid for just leaving money on the table. Good ol' GameStop's just lookin' out for the little guy, you know?

Bullshit, pre-owned games rake in the cash. Don't pretend like you're doing anyone a favor. You're a pawn shop, not a business run by enthusiasts.