Comcast launching YouTube competitor

They're calling it, "Watchable." Catchy.

Aaron Tarantola reports for Engadget:

All this video is going to be curated and bundled up for the viewing pleasures of Comcast's Xfinity X1 box owners (and the lucrative advertising potential they hold). The service will be set top-only at launch but will eventually migrate to iOS and Android apps as well.

Launching television-only. No mobile. Not even a website to access from the computer. Comcast sure knows its demographic. I'm sure the people that frequent YouTube can't fucking wait to gather around their X1 set top box.

Comcast executive A: Have you ever seen this YouTube thing?

Comcast executive B: No. But I hear the kids like it.

Comcast executive A: Hot damn! Let's do a shittier version of it and put it in our terrible set top boxes.

Comcast executive B: My thoughts exactly. Kids still watch TV, right?

Comcast executive A: My general lack of awareness of how the Internet works leads me to believe that, yes, yes, they do.

This will only end well.