Rite-Aid will soon start accepting Apple Pay

Zac Hall, writing for 9to5Mac:

Starting Saturday August 15th, Rite Aid will turn on support for Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Android Pay at almost 4,600 locations around the country. Competing drug store chain Walgreens has officially accepted Apple Pay since launch while CVS remains a hold out.

Other MCX members have similarly announced upcoming support for Apple Pay despite previously resisting in favor of backing CurrentC exclusively.

These retailers bought into an exclusivity agreement with an application that still isn't even ready, while Apple and Google continue to build out their own, superior payment methods.

Placing arbitrary barriers in front of your customers is not a good idea, especially when the alternative is a grossly less secure, less private disaster that looks like it's going to die before it even arrives. CurrentC is going to crash and burn. No question.