An OS X user spends a week with Windows 10

Matt Birchler, avid OS X user, discusses his experience with Windows 10 on his podcast, Bite Size Tech. He has some things he likes quite a bit, and some things that drive him crazy. It's a nice rundown, short and sweet (as the name implies). Give it a listen. I do have to say his emphasis on app selection is interesting, and just goes to show just how unique Apple's ecosystem is in that regard. He lamented the lack of available apps for his needs, and I can only imagine he's referring to what's directly available in the Store. Until today, I had yet to even open up the Store application. My Windows usage has always been reliant on installing applications from the web, and not a central repository, that I honestly completely forgot the Store was an option.

That is definitely not the case for me on OS X. I always look for an application in the App Store first before hunting around on the web. Sometimes, I won't even bother installing it in the first place. Apple has inadvertently made me associate third-party software installed from a .zip or .dmg as something illicit in the context of my Mac. What is integral to my usage on one operating system does not translate to another. Bizarre.

All in all, the things that drive Birchler crazy are things I've already grown so accustomed to with using Windows for the last 20 years of my life. It's really intriguing to hear from someone who isn't so deeply embedded in this way of life.