'We Screwed Up'

Ellen Pao has been very apologetic over the last couple days regarding the craziness that has befallen Reddit due to Victoria Taylor's sudden dismissal. Seems like ever since she's taken over as interim CEO, there's been a very vocal minority at her doorstep with pitchforks thrust upwards in the air.

In this particular case, it seems she's shot herself in the foot. The Reddit administration has been uncommunicative at best with the moderators of their most popular (and potentially lucrative) subreddits, outright hostile at worst. Going to media outlets first to try and head off the terrible PR (rather than going to the community directly) was probably a bad move. "We screwed up," is a nice sentiment. Fessing up to your mistakes is almost never a bad idea, but I can't help but feel this is too little too late.

It's not fair that Pao has been harrassed by these community members from day one, but Reddit seems to have a hard time understanding what exactly makes their community work in the first place. It's an absolute mess.