A Windows 10 surprise and delight moment

My PC is downstairs in our basement (finished basement, I'm not an animal). Xbox is a floor above in the living room. The events unfolded as follows:

  1. Open Xbox app in Windows 10.
  2. Turn on my Xbox One from my PC with a click.
  3. Click Stream. Within seconds, the Xbox One interface takes over my monitor.
  4. Open Arkham Knight, which was on standby. Game running near instantaneously.
  5. Fly around like a boss.

This all happened in about 30 seconds. My buddy, Fletcher, a staunch Apple fan and Windows detractor, thought it was pretty damn cool. I'd have to agree.

Stream quality looks solid, better than a 1080p YouTube video. Some artifacts, and the image is slightly washed out (which is quite noticeable in a game like Arkham Knight), but it still looks damn good. Zero input lag from what I can tell.

Sounds like performance varies based on the strength of your home network, but my machines are connected via ethernet, so I haven't noticed any issues.

I'm impressed, and I wasn't expecting to say that.