'Goodbye, Android'

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, writing for Motherboard about how he's fed up with Android and making the switch to iPhone:

Let me stress this out once more: the patches are ready to go. They were approved by Google months ago. But you won’t get them for another few weeks (if you’re lucky) or months (most likely) or never (a very solid possibility) depending how old your phone is—if it’s too old manufacturers just stop supporting them—and how lackadaisical your manufacturer and carrier are with regards to updates. Given the open nature of Android, pushing out updates, as Android Central put it, is a “messy, unpredictable business” that requires a lot of “moving parts.”

This is the fundamental difference between Android and iPhone. When there’s a bug on iOS, Apple patches it and can push an update to all iPhone users as soon as it’s ready, no questions asked.

This is one of the big reasons I can never see myself ever switching to Android. Apple's ability to create a patch and push it out to every single supported device (and they support their devices for a long time) is a major advantage over the gigantic mess that is the Android update ecosystem. The fact that a device can be released and then stop seeing updates less than a year later is insane to me. Especially in the case of huge security flaws. How could you justify leaving 950 million of your customers vulnerable?

Open source, I guess.