Mark Wilson's Apple Watch articles are wonderfully researched pieces if you completely lower your expectations for journalism

I don't have the energy in me to fully dissect yet another one of Fast Company's ad revenue generating cruft from Wilson. Each time he publishes a piece, he's proven wrong, and then tries to reassert his original position in a new light so he doesn't have to admit that he might (gasp) be way off the mark.

From his latest piece:

When it comes to Apple, what’s a flop? I struck a nerve when I called the Apple Watch a flop. Quartz’s Dan Frommer, for example, isn’t having it: "It is silly to call it a massive success yet, but it is equally foolish to call it a flop. It is simply too early, and not enough is known."

Look: whatever. Given enough sticktoitiveness, Apple’s going to sell anything it brings to market. It's one of the largest companies in the world. It has a supply chain that spans the globe and the finest marketing machine in the business. But while it’s seemingly inevitable that the company will iterate and refine the Apple Watch into something better, this may be a case where Apple’s better still doesn't change the marketplace. It's possible Apple's best smartwatch still hasn't sold the public on smartwatches.

This guy just won't let this shit go. Embarrassing.

And I mean embarrassing for him because this is the type of thing people will bring up and laugh about for years.

Embarrassing for us because we keep clicking these damn links and giving Fast Company money for this crap.

Also embarrassing for me because I'm about as persistent in calling out Wilson as Wilson is about talking down the Watch. Perhaps I could learn something from this.