William Fairaday on Apple Music: 'Meh.'

Written as an open letter (after being written as a private letter) to Eddie Cue. From Fairaday's Tumblr:

My original account setup experience was frustrating, as the Suggested Artists (in the red bubbles) rarely, if ever, suggested artists that I was interested in. I’m surprised that this feature did not take in account my previously existing iTunes Match account / Genius data, where it would have clearly seen what artists I listen to, play counts of songs and albums, and even my pre-existing playlists. As an example, it completely ignored the +60 albums/records (+500 tracks) I own of Nine Inch Nails. Maybe this was because I purchased the content directly from Trent over the last few years, but regardless, iTunes has that data and should use it to improve the suggestions. If it’s already doing so, well, I can’t tell.

It's ironic to me that he brings up Trent Reznor as his example, because that was one of a few artists that Apple Music automatically subscribed me to in Connect when I initially started using the service.

William has been a very vocal critic of Apple Music since it was first released. I can't say that I've experienced near the amount of frustration with it as he has. In fact, from setup, to curation and discovery, to the benefits of a tight integration with the OS, Apple Music has worked out very nicely for me thus far. However, if it's not working for him, it's creating a shitty experience. I have no doubt Apple wants to make this magical. Between stories like this (and others from within even my own network), Dalrymple's, and some of the frustration I've seen from users in various forums, it sounds like Apple still has some bugs to iron out.