'Apple vs. the PC industry'

John Gruber, writing for Daring Fireball:

So, in short: Apple is the only “PC” maker stemming the tide against an overall decline in sales, and, with iOS, has created a new product line that is as large as (unit sales-wise) and far more profitable than the entire PC industry.

Also, they now make watches.

That last bit there is what really sells it for me, especially in the face of the Apple doom and gloom crowd. Apple Watch is a small part of a much larger whole for Apple. I have to admit my amusement at how effective it is at distracting from the bigger "Apple is doomed" message we're used to seeing. At least for now. I can only imagine what type of idiocy we'll see if in the bizarre scenario where the Apple Watch does somehow fail.

We have a company here who is outperforming an entire PC industry with their mobile products alone, still growing their own PC products while the competition falters, and now they're shipping a wearable on top of it. Regardless of how the Watch performs or not (and I don't want to be the doofus droning on about how it's going to flop), Apple is in a better place than nearly anyone.

Hopefully this type of information will start helping the pundits put things in perspective, and the overall conversation surrounding Apple can turn into something a lot more reasoned and thoughtful, instead of relentlessly bombastic and absurd.