Warner Bros. react to leaked Suicide Squad trailer

Ben Kuchera, writing for Polygon on Warner Bros. frankly out of touch and bizarrely corporate response to the Suicide Squad footage leaking out of Comic Con:

These trailers are commercials, it's not like someone cut off someone's hand to steal the nuclear football. This sort of self-important puffery and tut-tutting aimed at your audience makes you look like the movie version of Superman you're so hopeful will find an audience: Dour and way too serious.

Marvel's reaction seems like it came from a company that would buy you a beer at the bar, while Warner Bros. sounds like it would sit next to you to ask if you knew just how many calories was in each glass.

Spot on. These are comic book movies, and treating their advertisements like some sort of untouchable holy grail meant for the smallest possible segment of a gigantic community is a little disingenuous.

This line from Warner Bros. particularly stuck out to me:

[...]it was our intention to keep the footage as a unique experience for the Comic Con crowd[...]

That's great. Part of that unique experience is being at Comic Con. The attendees know they're going to see something first. They get to attend star-studded panels and hear from the creators themselves. The movie trailer is cool, but it's not the experience. Don't inflate its importance. You can't stop the signal, but you can come out of the entire experience looking a lot better than you did.

It really doesn't surprise me that DC's movies have so far been pretty miserable when you consider their response. They come off as a company that cares only about the bottom line. There's no passion for their creations in their words. Marvel's running circles around them, and I think it's because Marvel as a business understands that their comics and the associated movies are supposed to be fun.