'Twitter rethinks its war against developers'

Jon Fingas, writing for Engadget:

For the past three years, Twitter has sent third-party developers not-so-subtle clues that they're unwanted -- its programming rules arbitrarily limit the success of unofficial apps, such as their audience sizes or features. That low ceiling might not last for much longer, though. Co-founder Ev Williams tells tech conference guests that the restrictive API was one of Twitter's "strategic errors." Twitter should be a platform that developers genuinely want to build on, he says, and the earlier decision "wasn't a win/win" for developers, users or even Twitter itself.

Would be great to see them reverse course completely on these arbitrary rules. Some of the most unique and innovative concepts in app development came early on with Twitter apps. Allowing developers to take risks–without having to worry about possibly getting shut down at a moment's notice–would be great. It benefits the developers, the users, and if it gets more people using Twitter, then I'm assuming Ev Williams and Twitter's shareholders will be happy as well.