Comcast launches Stream

Richard Lawler, writing for Engadget on Comcast's entry into the television streaming space:

As for the at-home restriction on TV service, that's because, as a Comcast representative tells Engadget, this is "an IP-based cable service that offers live, on demand and cloud DVR delivered over our managed network in the home." In case you're somehow not familiar with what that means, it translates to this service not using the open internet everyone else uses to reach subscriber's homes, even though it runs through the same wiring and modem over the last mile.

Good to see that Comcast is doing its best to live up to its promise to stop being a horrible bullshit company. You really gotta admire an organization that fully embraces open hostility towards its customers while still gussying up its crap with a pretty bow. Won't take long for people to unravel Stream and see it for the steaming pile it is.