Owen Williams has forgotten about iPhone advertising

Owen Williams, "writing" another poorly researched "article" for The Next Web:

Apple has new a pair of new ads for the iPhone. I watched them, and realized that even Apple has no idea how to sell the phone anymore — it’s lost the magic of its earlier advertising.

“If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.” Seriously?

He is, of course, lamenting Apple's two new ads they posted to their YouTube page. He seems very offended by the fact that Apple has chosen a much more direct message for this round of advertising, straying from the more abstract, artistic commercials preceding them. He named his headline: Apple has forgotten to sell the iPhone, and the article on Facebook is prefaced with the subject line: "Steve Jobs just rolled over a bit." Now, I doubt Williams is directly responsible for what TNW's social media manager posts on their pages, but they're both forgetting a very important point in their Apple History: "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone."

These ads promoted the iPhone 4 with a similarly snarky style. Now, I'm not an Apple timeline expert by any means, but I do believe Steve Jobs was around at this point. Maybe he did a little preemptive grave roll when they aired. Someone ask Schiller.

Here's the weird part: I totally agree with Williams that these ads don't really have the same sort of magic that the previous generation of ads do. I thought the iPhone 4 ads were bizarre when they were released. Their tone struck an interesting, not necessarily melodic chord in my brain. I wasn't sold.

But those ads aren't for me. They're not for the people who are bought in already. We should all remember that Apple has played this game before, and the tech press needs to stop relegating their memory to the little time bubble that renders all events as non-existent after they permeate the porous membrane and float off into the ether of the past. Because, regardless of their tone, it seems that Apple has somehow managed to do a pretty effective job of selling iPhones.