Limitless Adventure

My friend, Charles, and I have talked about doing a podcast for years. With things on the site going reasonably well, and both of our work schedules aligning a bit better, we decided to bite the bullet and create a new show we are calling Limitless Adventure. I think the name captures the spirit of the show well, especially for those interested in what two white dudes have to say about technology, design, and video games. Pretty sure that's a heavily untapped market.

What follows is the pilot episode. We talk Apple Music, the lack of comments on The Verge, the whole Ellen Pao situation, and diversity in tech, amongst other things. We also say a lot of bad words, so if you're sensitive to that, please refrain from listening. Or go ahead and listen and refrain from emailing or Tweeting us.

We'll be making an effort to record weekly, discussing a variety of topics. Our interests are very similar, so it seems like this show is a pretty natural extension of #NoOctothorpe. I believe launching it here makes a lot of sense. Soon, I'll be expanding the site to better accomodate the show (including setting up proper RSS stuff to get it accepted in iTunes), and we'll be working to get some proper cover art so it can look all pretty in your favorite podcast app. For now, listen here (or download the track directly from the player).

Feel free to send your thoughts our way. We'll be listening.