'Hello again'

Joshua Topolsky, writing on his Tumblr after news broke that he is leaving Bloomberg a little under a year after he joined the company:

The reality in media right now is that there is an enormous amount of noise. There are countless outlets (both old and new) vying for your attention, desperate not just to capture some audience, but all the audience. And in doing that, it feels like there’s a tremendous watering down of the quality and uniqueness of what is being made. Everything looks the same, reads the same, and seems to be competing for the same eyeballs. In both execution and content, I find myself increasingly frustrated with the rat race for maximum audience at any expense. It’s cynical and it’s cyclical — which makes for an exhausting and frankly boring experience.

I think people want something better, something more meaningful. Something a lot less noisy.

We made incredible and innovative things at The Verge and Vox Media, we made incredible and innovative things at Bloomberg, but I don’t think I got even close to what’s possible. I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface.

If you end up listening to the first episode of Limitless Adventure, you'll know I talked about how Topolsky's departure from Bloomberg wasn't super exciting for me. I've liked the stuff he's created in the past, but it wasn't reason enough to follow his every endeavor.

Well, he's nailed it on the head with this post. I am tired of the noise, and I think a lot of people like me are as well. What I thought to be a pretty boring piece of news just yesterday, is suddenly something I am very much interested in.

I'm listening, Joshua, and I'm willing to follow you to a better place.