Steam introduces new return policy

Andy Chalk, writing for PC Gamer about Steam's new 14-day return policy:

The updated policy applies not just to games, but also DLC, in-game purchases, pre-purchases, bundles, and even funds added to your Steam Wallet. The only conditions, generally speaking, is that the refund request must be made within two weeks of the original purchase, and the content in question must have less than two hours of playtime. And if you happen to fall outside of those conditions, it's not necessarily the end of the story: "You can ask for a refund anyway and we'll take a look," Valve wrote.

While I am apprehensive to say, "finally," I do think this is something that is long overdue. I've been burned in the past by Steam's customer support team when games didn't work on my machine (by no fault of my own), and it was always surprising to me that a company that focuses so much on providing a valuable and easy service was so hostile when it came to returns. Being able to return a product–especially in the instances where it is defective–is, at this point, expected. It's great to see that Valve has taken it a step further and provided a very customer-forward approach to this.