's Apple Watch Road Test

One of the more interesting reviews of the Apple Watch I've read today. Executive Editor Nicole Phelps spent nine days with it and wrote about her impressions. I can imagine many tech enthusiasts screaming "heresy" at the thought of allowing a self-proclaimed "luddite" take it for a test drive, but this is exactly the type of review that is so important to Apple Watch's success. Regardless of the little bubble the tech press (and gadget geeks) lives in, there's an entire world that Apple has successfully courted with their various product lines. The Watch more than ever needs to prove itself as something vital. The first iteration of something is never perfect. People like to look back on things with rose-colored glasses. The tech industry is especially jaded and fatalistic, and it has an extremely short memory. Five years from now, there will be a refined, amazing version of the Apple Watch. I imagine it'll be lauded like most of their other products. The mistake we make now is comparing it as it is now to the device it'll grow to be, rather than focusing on its currently existing merits.

Apple has smartly targeted fashion sites and publications to prove itself as a fashionable company, and the Watch as a fashion item. When someone like Phelps (not a watch person, not a tech person) comes away with such a positive experience, you know they're onto something.

I think she sums it up rather distinctly:

The fashion world has witnessed a few launches in this category lately. Opening Ceremony partnered with Intel, and Rebecca Minkoff launched wearable tech jewelry on her Spring 2015 runway. Being first to market means something to somebody, I suppose, but had they seen the Apple Watch they might not have bothered in the first place.

She sees it. This person who maybe wasn't an early adopter of the iPhone, who isn't necessarily a follower of gadgets or a fangirl with voracious devotion to a particular company. She sees its importance, because there are so many levels of thought and care that Apple has taken with this product. Like it or not, this thing will succeed, and it deserves to.