First doesn't matter

Vlad Savov, writing for The Verge:

As predictable as rainbows in the rain, the reaction from PC makers to a brand new MacBook design has been to point out how they’ve done it all already. High-res displays? Asus and Dell have you covered. Thinness? Lenovo’s Yoga already limbos under the 13mm bar. And the new MacBook’s ultra-efficient CPU has been in use by Lenovo since last year. So take that, Apple! Your innovation is nothing new.

All these counter-hype tweets from major PC companies betray an obvious insecurity about their trendier competitor. It’s fine to seek to undermine Apple’s bandwagon by pointing out the limitations of its new product, but comparing minuscule numbers is really not the way to do it. Do you really think zero-point-whatever millimeters of extra thinness will convince people to put up with the worse trackpads and battery life of most MacBook competitors?

It’s a lesson that tech companies should have learned by now. Being first to do something is unimportant. Being best is what counts.