The Genius of #WarbyHomeTryOn

If you've read the About page, you probably have a pretty clear idea of how I feel about the misuse and abuse of hashtags. Imagine my surprise, then, when my wife opened her Home Try-On box from Warby Parker last night and was greeted with a pretty ingenious way for her to connect not only with the product she's trying, but also the brand and its community as well.

A card sits inside the nicely-packed box of five pairs of glasses that tells you how the whole procedure works, as well as giving you a space to write down first impressions on the pairs you ordered to try on. Then it offers some helpful steps to ensure you find the right pair of glasses for you. Step Two, specifically, encourages you to not only take photos and share with your family and friends, but also to use the #WarbyHomeTryOn to allow the Warby Parker community to weigh in.

The thing I love about this is the fact that they're giving you great ideas about how to interact with their product, as well as a call to action to engage with the brand and community itself. This is smart for Warby Parker from a marketing standpoint not just because it increases the chance of people tweeting/Instagramming (word?) mentioning the brand, but because it instills a deeper sense of community. Buying glasses is not usually a group activity, and sometimes it's hard to gauge how you feel about frames as you try them on. This basically alleviates that, while still directly promoting a brand. It comes off as a company caring about more than the number of times a hashtag is used, and more about giving their customers a way to truly feel a part of something bigger.

Big fan of this tactic. Warby Parker's marketing team should be really proud.