Pebble's new smartwatch made a shit ton of money in one day

Pebble unveiled their new smartwatch via Kickstarter today, returning to their humble roots. The results have been a pretty resounding success, considering they're nearly at $7 million raised in 24 hours out of a goal of $500,000.

The watch looks much more attractive than their first go, with bright and vibrant faces and very slick animations that look so much better than what you'd expect with e-paper. The main selling point Pebble has above all others right now, though, is the seven day battery life. The device itself still looks a bit chunky and sort of cheap. I can't help but see it and think it's a toy.

The worst part of it all, though, is how under-produced and cringe-worthy the video is. CEO, Eric Migicovsky, sounds nervous, almost uncomfortable, delivering his lines in the video. You almost get the feeling that he doesn't seem excited about this. Considering how huge a success his company's first campaign was, he really should sound more naturally enthusiastic. Stick around until the end of the video as he forces "woo!" and high-fives the people around him. It doesn't feel natural, or something that the team is really celebrating, and that's sad to me. Maybe it was a long day at the office or something.

It all feels a bit slapdash: the watch, the video, the return to Kickstarter. While they're making obvious improvements (which should be commended), I just don't see myself getting excited over this when there's something on the way that looks poised to change how we all look at the smartwatch category.