Alto's Adventure

A delightful endless runner for iOS. It has the addictive simplicity of Tiny Wings wrapped in a minimalist art style that is absolutely gorgeous.  It lacks the frenetic and infuriating gameplay that plagues so many other endless runner style games; each launch down the slope is an astute mixture of challenge and tranquility. There are enough carrots dangling in front of your face to call you back for just one more run, but the game begs you to savor rather than master it.

I can't possibly recommend this highly enough. The biggest surprise to me is that it is only $1.99 in the App Store. To me, it's criminally underpriced. It's obvious that Snowman infused so much love into this game that they could easily get away with charging five times what they did and it'd still easily be worth the cost of admission. Regardless, this is a no-brainer purchase. You should already have this installed on your device. Stop reading this and goWhat's wrong with you?