Undeniable Facts About Tesla Motors

It's Friday. You'd probably like to start your weekend with a good chuckle, right? Give a click through to this article.

Now, let's disregard some of the typos and grammatical errors, and don't worry your pretty little head about how none of these facts have any sources attached to them (they're undeniable facts, remember, so I assume sources are unimportant). There's so much conviction in the inane, tin-foil hat rambling that all of this must absolutely be true. No questions asked. 

I do want to highlight one of my favorite points from this article:

A Tesla crashed into a wall in Los Angeles, California and killed the driver.

Unbelievable. Since we all know that automobiles are by far the safest mode of transportation for colliding into solid surfaces, it's unimaginable how Tesla stays in business with their electric death traps.

Time to take to Twitter with #BoycottTesla.