Sextless Marriage

About a year ago, my wife and I started a Tumblr of ridiculous conversations we'd have over iMessage, mostly for our own amusement. We called it Sextless Marriage. The name alone is solid gold.

The unplanned conversations were funny enough, and it gave a good glimpse into how silly the two of us are. I think that silliness has led to us having a strong and successful relationship. The flow of screenshots has slowed, but I recently floated the idea of taking this project to a different level. Namely, a podcast starring the two of us. A show that could go beyond just the silliness, the nerdiness, the endless talk of shipping Marvel characters with one another. Give an honest glimpse into a modern marriage, an idea of how an unusual relationship blossomed, and two best friends have been together for almost 11 years. Talk about the interests we share together. The things we enjoy apart. And the tough topics that help shed light on the experiences that have shaped us.

She was unexpectedly receptive.

Yesterday, we released our first episode of Sextless Marriage. It's an origin story of sorts, as many pilot episodes are, and I think we eventually shake the nerves enough to make it compelling. I'd love for you to listen.

This is not another tech podcast. Depending on your listening habits, that may be a very compelling thing, or completely uninteresting. If you give it a shot, let us know what you think.