Taser Employees Apparently Leave Bad Reviews for Taser Documentary

Peter Bright, Ars Technica:

Some one-star reviews posted on Amazon and iTunes for Killing Them Safely, a documentary film looking at the Taser stun guns and the safety issues around them, appear to have been posted by Taser International employees, using their own names. The dangers of Tasers are contested by the manufacturer and law enforcement agencies deploying the weapons, and the employees seem to be taking to the user reviews to express their dissatisfaction with the film.

The film's director, Nick Berardini, spotted one dubious review on iTunes, purporting to come from one Uriel Halioua. The review complains that the film is "poorly narrated"—in true user review form, Halioua appears not to have even watched the film, as Berardini says it has no narration—and concludes that it's "swill." The name Uriel Halioua is an uncommon one, but one person who does appear to be blessed with it just happens to work as a pre-sales systems engineer at Taser International. Peculiarly, that review seems now to have been deleted and reposted by a different user, "BobRossRocks."

I honestly can't think of a better endorsement for this film. I had no clue this existed before, but now I can't wait to watch it.